Manchester City Council School Governance Unit

Manchester City Council has developed a School Governance Strategy to support and secure effective governance of schools in the City, within the context of local and national developments that are shaping the role of school governance. The Strategy includes:

  • Manchester’s vision to develop strong, accountable governing bodies with access to a pool of highly skilled, well informed governors, who understand the City’s priorities for its children, young people and residents,
  • the elements of effective governance that Manchester aspires to for all governing bodies,
  • the role of the Council in supporting effective governance,
  • the role of the School Governance Unit in supporting the development of the Strategy and managing the statutory duties that the Council holds around school governance.

A School Governance Unit has been established to work in partnership with key stakeholders to support the development of the School Governance Strategy for effective governance and to manage the statutory responsibilities that the Council maintains for school governance. The School Governance Unit’s roles and responsibilities include:

  • managing the recruitment and support of LA Governors
  • co-ordinating the making Instruments of Government (IOGs) and providing guidance about reconstitution for all maintained schools
  • producing termly newsletters about local priorities and national developments
  • delivering termly Chairs’ Briefings
  • working in partnership with the Manchester Schools’ Alliance and the Manchester Governors’ Association to develop events for governors
  • working in partnership with the Manchester Schools’ Alliance to support the Manchester Leaders of Governance (MLG) programme
  • providing signposting to information, resources and training
  • working with local employers to promote governance and assist with governor recruitment
  • supporting the Schools Quality Assurance team to strengthen governing bodies and create Interim Executive Boards (IEBs)

More details are available at:

Tel: 0161 219 6899