Aims of the Manchester Governors Association (MGA)


  • Broaden participation in school governance and provide a democratic forum for the exchange of ideas.
  • Enable governing bodies to be more effective through the sharing of good practice and by the mutual support of all serving governors.
  • Provide a formal channel of communication with the Children’s Services department and a mechanism for consultation and negotiation on all education policy matters.
  • Work in partnership with relevant groups and associations in order to support schools and thereby raise educational achievement of all children in Manchester schools.
  • Develop effective links with Headteacher Forums.
  • Maintain links with Manchester City Council School Governance Unit.
  • Provide a collective coherent voice for Manchester governors in making representations to central government, the local authority (LA), and other relevant authorities and partners.
  • Participate in the National Governors’ Association.

Membership of the MGA is open to all Governing Bodies within Manchester.
For more information contact us on or visit the MGA website.