The core of the Alliance membership is collaboration and reciprocity, learning from the best the city has to offer and sharing expertise throughout.  Through co-operation between members and our strategic partnerships with the Teaching Schools and beyone, the MSA is able to both broker and deliver support in a variety of ways, always focussed on the needs of individual schools, leaders and their staff.  As a collection of the wealth of expertise and knowledge across the City the MSA is in a unique position to profer a wide range of school and non-school based expertise, across all phases and sectos of education.


Coming soon… we will be developing an indepth searchable database of the expertise across the City schools which all members will be able to access for a range of support and advice needs.  In the meantime if there is a particular need that you require support with please complete the attached form and we will contact you to progress discussions.

MSA Support Request Form