All schools receive access to the FFT Aspire dashboard. Benefits of the dashboard include:

  • a more flexible approach to the generation of estimates, not just from end of key stage results but from other standardised end of key stage tests and assessments.
  • access to an ‘Attendance Tracker’. FFT automatically collects daily attendance figures from participating schools providing weekly ‘live’ reports of a school’s attendance against a ‘national’ figure.
  • access to a ‘Pupil Tracker’ tool to automatically convert all pupil assessments into a single DfE scaled score, track all tests and assessments in one single tracking system then compare to FFT estimates, record all pupils’ learning objectives in on simple, easy to use system and produce real-time reporting on pupils, classes, groups and cohorts directly synced with your school’s MIS
  • providing a subject-by-subject look at future key stage performance up to five years ahead and setting challenging and realistic school targets without the need to import data.
  • a unique data overview for each pupil including benchmark estimates, past attainment and  progress, absence, previous schools, PP status and more.
  • access to an online diagnostic reading assessment tool for primary schools.

For more information about FFT visit the website here.

To buy directly this directly from FFT it would cost a primary £110 + £1.65 per pupil and a secondary £660 + £1.10 per pupil.

For more information about FFT visit the website here.


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