We have now finalised our offer for 2018/19 and have summarised below the benefits schools that become members of the MSA receive.

  1. Full access to the FFT Aspire Dashboard.

All schools receive full access to their FFT Aspire dashboard as part of MSA membership. The benefits of the dashboard include:

    • *NEW* linking to your school’s management information systems e.g. SIMs so that pupil information can be exported when they arrive at school *NEW*
    • providing a subject-by-subject look at future KS1, KS2, KS4 and KS5 performance up to five years ahead and sets challenging and realistic school targets without the need to import data
    • enabling you to evaluate progress and analyse gaps for disadvantaged pupils
    • providing a succinct summary of attainment and progress for governors, QA & Ofsted
    • a unique data overview for each pupil including benchmark estimates, past attainment and progress, absence, previous schools, PP status and more
    • presenting progress data from EYFS to KS1 and KS1 to KS2

2.  Full access to an Employee Assistance Programme (EAP)

All staff within your school will receive FREE access to an EAP. This includes;

  •  a 24-hour telephone support service
  • up to 6 structured telephone counselling sessions, per issue, for each employee and their partner, spouse and dependants
  • up to 6 face to face counselling sessions, per issue for each employee including CBT
  • access to extensive wellbeing resources through an online health portal.

3. FREE places at (at least) 3 leadership conferences (Further details to be found here)

The MSA is maintained and led by Manchester schools so aims to be responsive to current issues and relevant topics. Drawing on expertise from within the city, working with partners such as Oxford         University Press and FFT, and accessing keynote speakers from external organisations such as Ofsted, previous conferences have covered Reading, Resilience, Assessment, Writing, Working towards             Excellence and Working Together.

4.    FREE Governors development sessions (Further details to be found here)

FREE places at governor events and development sessions throughout the school year. The MSA programme of events for governors aims to support Manchester governors in their role with the opportunity to share best practice and understand local priorities. Recent topics have included FFT/ data, finance, pupil premium and working towards excellent governance.

4.   Primary Science Lead Networks 

Last year, working in partnership with the University of Manchester Science & Engineering in Education Innovation Hub (SEERIH), MSA set-up a Manchester Science Leader Network. The aim of this 2-year cycle of  activity is to provide up to date information and guidance on the teaching and assessment of primary science. This includes offering consistent, quality assured professional development and offers teachers the opportunity to learn together, reflect on practice and build relationships.  There is still the opportunity to join this network for this year and as an MSA member, schools are able to join at a subsidised cost…

5.     Access to MSA facilitated strategy groups

Members have access to the Primary Strategy Group, a group of 25 primary headteachers from across city districts that meet monthly to work strategically towards steering primary education in Manchester. Members also have a voice at city-wide and national level through MSA representation on the Strategic       Education Partnership Board, chaired by the Council Leader, Sir Richard Leese.  MSA will also support the set-up of networks where schools identify there is a gap in the city. For example we have supported the set-up of a Literacy network and a Primary EAL network.

All for only £1.05 per pupil! You can find a copy of the full Offer here. For any further information or if you would like to join the MSA, please contact Lisa Jones at; admin@manchesterschoolsalliance.co.uk