Key Purpose

To provide professional leadership to MSA, working in cooperation with members and stakeholders to develop MSA’s role and services and deliver its business plan.


  • The Lead Headteacher (LH) will be appointed by the Forum of Directors, and will be directly accountable to the Forum.
  • The LH will not be a Director of MSA.
  • The LH will provide a written report to the Forum for each meeting.
  • The LH will be authorised to commit expenditure of up to £4000. S/he may commit expenditure of up to £10,000 by agreement with the Forum Chair, and within the terms of the Business Plan. Expenditure outside the terms of the Business Plan or for any item over £10000 will require the approval of the Forum.


  • To steer MSA’s development, responding to the needs of and views of MSA members and the local, regional and national context.
  • To lead the process of formulating MSA’s strategic objectives, offer to members, and business plan.
  • To be responsible for promoting MSA’s work and securing delivery of MSA’s offer, including conferences, networking events, and the partnership in Governance programme.
  • To support the Chairs of MSA’s reference groups in developing effective consultation and feedback to MSA and to contribute to these groups as appropriate.
  • To represent MSA and its members externally, acting as an advocate for the work of MSA and the contribution made by schools to the City, and enabling schools to make productive links with external partners.
  • To represent MSA and the interests of schools in the city’s Strategic Education Partnership, the Leader’s Forum and the Manchester School Improvement Partnership and with other relevant city and sub-regional initiatives as they arise.
  • To work with the City Council, advising lead officers and representing the perspective of MSA members to the Council, DfE and Ofsted.
  • To work with TeachManchester (the MSA teaching school alliance), promoting understanding of schools’ needs and developing peer support which complements TeachManchester’s programme.
  • To have oversight of the budget and financial planning and work to secure resources for MSA.
  • To prepare an annual report on the work of MSA.
  • To line manage the Business Manager and any other staff employed by or working for MSA

Terms and Conditions

  • The LH will be appointed for a period of two years, renewable by agreement, or for such other length of time as the Forum decides
  • The consent of the LH’s Board of Governors (or equivalent) will be required and confirmed by a service level agreement.
  • The LH will be released from her/his school for the equivalent of 40 days per year. The school will be repaid for the service at the current recommended rate for National Leaders of Education. (There will be no requirement for the LH to be an NLE).
  • The LH will continue to be based at her/his school. It is expected that the Business Manager of MSA will also be based at this school and that the school will be the legal and business address of MSA. 


May 2015