Lunar Mission One


Lunar Mission One is the first global crowd funded mission to the Moon. It is a new exploratory robotic mission that will use pioneering drilling technology to deliver extraordinary new insights into the origins of the Moon and Earth, drilling deep beneath the Moon’s surface for the first time. It will then leave a digital time capsule beneath the surface of the Moon, containing digital memory boxes and a public archive record of life on Earth.

A number of high profile individuals have endorsed it, including Stephen Hawking, Brian Cox and Dan Snow.

 The Lunar Missions Trust wants to use this project to inspire a new generation of children to be inspired by space projects and apply that to science, engineering and technology, in the same way that the Apollo missions did.

As part of Lunar Mission One’s campaign, they are reaching out to schools to encourage them to take part in the Mission at this early stage through their education pledge on Kickstarter. Schools that pledge support to the Mission will enjoy a range of rewards:

— Online community access to project photos, videos and updates

— Subscription to exclusive regular Lunar Mission One newsletter including project updates and interviews with leading team members

— Emailed certificate of thanks — School name inscribed on the website and public archive ‘wall of thanks’

— Poster about Lunar Mission One and its contribution to science (x5)

— School name/crest/logo inscribed on the lunar landing module

— 2 hour downloadable interactive lesson from one of the LM1 scientists (5 versions available: 5-7 yr olds, 7-11, 11-14, 16+ and special educational


— £2,000 voucher for school digital memory box

— A half day immersive teaching experience from one of LM1’s leaders (if lesson is outside UK, it will be attended remotely)

— A 2 week work experience placement (age 16+ students only) at one of the organisations involved in delivering Lunar Mission One (including Pagefield – one of London’s leading communications consultancies; RAL Space – the Rutherford Appleton Space Laboratory; and the Open University) Schools who make the pledge will also be offered the opportunity to take part in the piloting and development of Lunar Mission One’s global education campaign.

To learn more about Lunar Mission One, please click here

The schools pledge is £2000 and, if this would be of interest, you can pledge here: